Our Ballroom and Latin-American classes combine the elegant and graceful styles of Ballroom, with the hot and sexy rhythms of Latin-American. You will learn eight dances in total, plus two bonus dances! Each dance will be taught for three weeks, allowing you time to learn the dance properly so that by the end of the three weeks, you will be comfortable with the dance you have learned.

Sequence Dancing is based on steps taken from the Ballroom and Latin-American and put together into a short sequence. Couples perform this group of steps in sequence round the floor. This style of dancing is a great social activity and the set routines mean that you do not need a set partner in order to dance these routines at a social event or group lesson.

 The Latin Inspired  dance fitness workout. Join a ZUMBA Fitness-Party TM and stay in shape the fun way! ZUMBA uses music and steps from Latin and International dance styles and turns them into a cardio-based, effective workout.


 FitSteps is a dance and fitness program that is based on Ballroom and Latin dances, and is a fun and energetic way to work up a sweat, burn calories, lose weight and develop tone. 


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