Student Spotlight: May 2022 - Charlotte

Welcome to our new student spotlight feature! 

Each month, our ASI instructor Paula Hyde, will be talking to one of our students and finding out why they love dancing at The Regency Dance Centre. This month, we are featuring Charlotte, who has been dancing with us for nearly five years. She is a massive Strictly Come Dancing fan and has recently achieved her bronze medal. Read the interview below! 

What made you start dancing at The Regency Dance Centre?

I had gone to a show at the Mansfield Palace Theatre and Andrew was there advertising FitSteps. I decided that it might be something I would enjoy, so I gave it a go loved it and then half a year later I started level 1 Ballroom and Latin-American dancing and really enjoyed it. Throughout the years I've progressed up to level two.

What do you enjoy most about dancing?

What I love about dancing is the freedom that it gives you and how it gives you an extra ability to express how you feel and relate to the music. I just love all the different styles and how they are different, how they all have unique characteristics. Another thing I love about dance is how it gives you the freedom of expression and the sense of escapism from everything going on in the world.

What do you like about The Regency Dance Centre?

There's so much I like about The Regency Dance Centre. The first thing that comes to mind is how they provide different styles of dance to learn with different styles of teaching from different dance teachers. The range of classes that they offer from FitSteps right the way up to Level 3 Ballroom and Latin American dancing. 

I also love the way that they offer such a wide range of social events to attend. I mean, you've got everything from band nights and barn dances to anniversary balls, commemorate worldwide events such as the jubilee, right the way up to Regency Dance Orchestra nights.

Another thing I love is the Private Tuition that the [Regency Dance] centre offers, and the way that can be tailored to whatever the student needs, whether it's catch-up lesson or getting ready for an exam. 

The final thing that comes to mind is just the way that all the staff and volunteers go just above and beyond for everyone who attends. They make you feel so welcome, regardless of if you are able bodied or if you've got some form of disability or obstacle going against you and how you might approach dance because of that. They always say if you want to remove a step that's fine, but they always go above and beyond to adapt moves and make it accessible for everyone, and that's one thing that I'm truly grateful for. They couldn't be more accommodating even if they tried. I mean they are truly amazing.

Do you have a favourite dance, what is it, and why? 

I have many favourite dances, but I've got to say one of [my favourite’s] is the Jive. I just love how much energy you get to put into it, how much personality this dance has and how much you can show off your dance skills. I would say one of my favourite songs to dance the Jive to is “I'm Still Standing” by Lionel Richie, I also love the party atmosphere of Samba and my favourite song for that is “Take You to Rio”. Finally, I’ve got to say I do like the Cha Cha Cha as well, and I would probably say my favourite Cha Cha Cha song is ‘Sweet Like Cola” as it has such a feel-good vibe.

Have you attended any Regency Events?

Over the years of attended many events at The Regency Dance Centre. I have attended many of the Dance Orchestra nights which are amazing as they give you a taste of different styles of dancing and different music that is played. I've also attended the Latino dance nights as well as attending multiple balls and band nights here to. All these events just bring something different to what the Regency offers and they're all worth exploring and trying out. 

What would you say to someone who is thinking of starting dancing? 

The first thing I'd say is don't be afraid to try something new and don't hold back, because [if] you think you can't do it it's always worth a try. I'd also say that it's never too late to start dancing.  I know people at my old dance school who started dancing when they were in their 50s and even someone [at the Regency] who is is their 80s, so no it's never too late.

 Thank you to Charlotte for taking the time to talk to us! We hope you enjoyed reading about her experience. 

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