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Gangsters and Molls Night

03 May 2015

Saturday 2nd May was the Gangsters and Molls Night at The Regency Dance Centre, and wow, what a night. It was like a throwback to the 1920's with men dressed in traditional gangsters outfits with their violin cases to hand, fake moustaches and fake cigars. The women arrived in traditional flapper dresses or similar 1920's attire.

Feather bowers, beads and headbands completed the picture


The live band was Kals Kats who were no less than superb. The evening started with us all being taught some basic charleston moves and a swing dance in the style of a square dance, after a few wrong moves most people had got the "swing of it" (excuse the pun). The live band struck up and the dance floor was soon full. There was a great variety of music including Jive, Foxtrot and Quickstep all in a swing style giving everybody chance to show off their particular dancing skills.

One style of dancing that was evident was a style called Bilbao, a couple never stopped all night in this style and it was fascinating to watch. The event attracted couples from all over, we even chatted to a couple from London.

Kim, Chris, Andrew and the staff worked hard to produce an excellent array of buffet food which then had to be worked off with yet more dancing.

The night was a huge success, the beaming smiles and raucous laughter at times proved this beyond doubt. I for one truly felt like I had stepped back in time. 

Thank you to all involved in making this night the huge success it was. Enjoy browsing the photos of the evening on this website.


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