Bar Improvements

08 June 2015

Our Regency Bar is a great assest to the dance school, allowing you to take away those nerves before you decide to get up onto the dance floor or for sociable drinks with friends. We have now made some improvements...

The presentation of a bar and its products are very important to improve your experience. We have resurfaced the entire bar surface and we think it looks stunning. 

We know that not everyone prefers beer so we have added draft cider onto our pumps for you to enjoy. We have also got a new Guinness machine that is so good at simulating draft that even we can't tell the difference! 

We have also added an extra set of pumps to dispense beer and cider and an extra gun to dispose soft drinks including  Pepsi, lemonade, orange and blackcurrent meaning that service at the bar will be even quicker at events and functions, meaning less time waiting at the bar and more time enjoying the evening!

We hope you enjoy the new and improved Regency Bar!

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