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01 March 2016

Did you know that you can register to our website for free? By registering to the site you can gain access to additional content areas that include informative articles, images, videos, links and other resources that will help you to improve your dancing or just to have some fun! You can even mark your profile if you are looking for a dance partner and have your profile show up in a seperate list! The best's all free!

We have added a ton of new features and improvements to our website and are constantly working on making it better. Here are just a few...

1. Activity Feed

When you log in to the website, you will be presented with a new activity feed page. This works in a similar way to the popular social media sites, allowing you to post status updates, get notified about new activity and even comment and reply to posts! 

2. Groups

Groups are areas designed for specific interests. To access them, navigate to the 'Dancer Zone' menu and then click on 'Groups'. Select a catgory and then join the group to access the content you are interested in. 

In the "General" Category

'Friends of The Regency' Group - This group is for anyone wishing to assist with work at The Regency Dance Centre. It could be from repair and decorating jobs to helping to plan events and excursions. 

In the 'Dance' Category

'Social' Group - This group is specific to social dancers. Post in here any pictures or videos related ot social dancing. Maybe share those pictures from the Anniversary Ball *hint hint*. 

'Competitors' Group - This group is specific to those wishing to compete. In this group we will post information about upcoming competitions, tips on hair, makeup etc. 

'Child and Teens' Group - This group requires approval to join. In this group we will post information regarding the children's classes including show information, rehearsal dates, costumes, music etc. 

These are the groups we currently have however please look out for more to come in the future! Any suggestions are always welcome. 

3.Private Messaging

It is now possible to send a private message to another user using the new messaging component. Simply navigate to the profile of the user you wish to send a message to and click "Send private message' from the Messages dropdown box. 

4. Medal Badges

Show off your accomplishments by publishing new medal acheievement badges on your profile! Let everyone know how well you have done and what you have achieved. 

5. Social Media Badges

Connect further and visit social media pages of your friends straight from their profile page! 

We hope you like the new features and encourage you to socialise and engage with your fellow dancers! 


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