Want to learn a new skill that will open up your social calendar? Learn to dance like your favourite Strictly stars in our authentic Ballroom and be trained by highly experienced instructors! 

Our unique class programmes make it easy for you to learn to dance whilst also providing you the flexibility to tailor your own learning experience. Our adult dance classes have been perfectly designed to prepare you to dance confidently in a fun social environment!


Level 1 Ballroom & Latin-American

Our Level 1 Ballroom & Latin-American programme is perfect if you have never danced this style before or if you have had some training in the past and want to refresh your knowlege of the fundamentals and improve your basic technique. 

In this course programme, we teach:

  • Waltz
  • Quickstep
  • Tango
  • Cha Cha Cha
  • Jive
  • Rumba
  • plus a BONUS DANCE the Social Foxtrot! 

We understand that some dances are more challenging to learn then others, which is why we have structured our Level 1 course programme accordingly, The Social Foxtrot is an easy dance for beginners to learn so we cover this in one week. The Waltz takes a little longer to cover so we spend 3 weeks on this dance. The rest of the dances are each covered in two weeks. 

Level 2 Ballroom & Latin-American

Our Level 2 classes build upon the fundamental knowledge that you learn in our Level 1 course programme. We spend extra time on each dance to build upon the steps you have learnt. We also teach you the technique along with the rhythm and musicality that brings each dance to life. This level is designed to deepen your understanding and improve your proficiency, ensuring you not only perform the steps correctly but also express the character of each dance.

The Level 2 course programme will cover figures from the Bronze and Silver syllabus as well as introducing new dances such as the Slow Foxtrot and the Samba. In these classes, you'll gain greater control and elegance in your movements, and start to develop your own unique dancing style. We also incorporate essential dance floor etiquette and how to navigate the floor more effectively in a social dance setting. By the end of this course, you will feel confident on the dance floor and ready to take on more complex routines and rhythms.


Our MasterClasses are special programmes scheduled throughout the year, where you will learn additional choreography for each dance, technical tips such as floorcraft and posture as well as learning dance styles that are not covered in our main programmes such as the Viennese Waltz, Paso Doble, Salsa and Argentine Tango. 

How to Join our Classes

To book your place, simply visit our booking page using the link above. 

You can join our classes at any time, as each of our course programme repeat from the beginning. We suggest you book into week 1 of a new dance to enusre you are at the same point as the rest of the group.


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