Gentleman - Please wear something that will not restrict your movement and is comfortable to dance in. Trousers are usually better then jeans.

Ladies - Please wear a dress or trousers that are comfortable and easy to move in. 


Gentleman - Avoid wearing trainers if possible as these can stick to the floor and prevent movement across the floor. Normal shoes are better however be careful with leather soles as they could be slippy, especially if they are new. 

Ladies - Again, avoid trainers or a shoe with a rubber sole.  Shoes that have a small heel are usually better as they help to move your weight into the right place.

Ladies Outfits
Mens Outfits


Any workout clothes are good to wear for any of our fitness classes. Try to avoid anything that can restrict your movement, and remember you are going to sweat!


Dance or Aerobics Trainers are good to dance in. Try to avoid anything with a lot of tread on the soles (i.e. running shoes) as this could restrict side-to-side movement.



Clothing that allows free and easy movement without causing restrictions, such as leggings, tracksuit bottoms, vest tops and t-shirts. No jeans or skirts/dresses.


Trainers or pumps that give support to the feet and ankles, but that also allow free movement of the foot. No sandals, boots or 'dolly' type shoes.

Do I Need Dance Shoes?


You do not need dance shoes when you first start to dance, however they will give you better movement over the floor and more support for your feet, allowing you to move better over the floor. They also can help to put your weight in the right position, again improving your dancing. We highly reccomend you purchase a pair of dance shoes after the first few weeks of your lessons.


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