On Sunday 8th May, The Regency Dance Centre took a cohort of students, including myself to the NATD Social Competition at the Festival Hall in Kirkby - in -Ashfield. In this article, I am going to share an insider view of a competitor, just in case you could be tempted to give competitive dancing a try yourself.

The first thing you notice when you walk in to any competition is that there is a buzz of anticipation and excitement. There is a vague smell of hairspray and fake tan that assures you that you have turned up at the right place and before long you see the familiar face of your teacher or fellow student in the queue and you can get in to enjoying your day.

Social competitions are a great place to start as they are fun, friendly, and low-pressure. It’s a perfect excuse to get dressed up on a Sunday, a day usually reserved for pyjamas can now be a day for sequins, bow ties, and trophies.

The Regency competition team has a brilliant community spirit. We sit together in a big group and support each other throughout the entire day. When we aren’t cheering for the student dancing their heart out on the floor, we are busy pinning each other’s numbers, sharing snacks, and having a chat and giggle. New competitors are always welcomed with open arms, and we will do our best to calm your nerves and make you feel at home with us.

We take all different ability levels and all different ages, our youngest competitor Evie, competes in the under 6 categories and is super cute to watch, David competes in the over 50s, and his slow foxtrot is equally as mesmerizing.

The teachers are there with you every step of the way. They offer support both on and off the floor and make you look the and feel the best you possibly can on the day. Students will sometimes partner with each other to join in more events and often even the parents of the kids can get involved with fun adult and child events.
Dancing competitions are a great way to become a part of an inclusive community that is full of support and positivity. The only warning I would have is that you could go away with a sore throat or bruised hand from clapping and cheering everyone on.


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