It’s common to think that we need special talents, abilities or characteristics in order to learn to dance. Some of us may even believe that we were born with an inability to dance or with two left feet.

If you watch Strictly and think ‘I wish I could do that’ but have always held back because of a particular belief, then keep on reading to discover common misconceptions about learning to dance and why we believe they are more fiction than fact.

Myth #1 - You have to be flexible


We’ve all seen lots of pictures and videos featuring extremely flexible dancers in the media. This gives the impression that you have to be bendy to be any good at dancing.  This isn’t true, everyone can learn to dance and enjoy its benefits. You may even find that you become more flexible as a result of your dance lessons. 

Myth #2 - You have to look a certain way


Those same images that convince us that we have to be super flexible to learn to dance can also leave us thinking we have to be young and thin to dance.  We know for a fact that people of all ages, heights and sizes can learn to dance and be good at it. 

Myth #3 - You have to spend lots of money 


 Learning to dance doesn’t have to be expensive. A great entry point into dancing is by attending group classes. Group classes can be a great place to start to pick up the basics and enjoy the social aspect of a class. Of course, if you decide to enter competitions, there are a few more costs to this side of dancing. However, you can still save money by  buying dance shoes and clothing second hand. In fact it is quite common for people to buy their competitive dresses second hand. This is great for your wallet and the environment. 

Myth # 4 - You have to be naturally talented to dance


A naturally talented person will find it easier to learn to dance, however this is only the case for a small group. In fact, the majority of dancers have had to work hard to improve their technical and artistic ability to get where they are today. 

Myth #5 - You need a dance partner 


Whilst learning to dance with a friend, relative or partner can be a fantastic experience, you don’t need a partner to attend dance classes. Most dance schools and studios can either teach you to dance solo, match you with another student or find you a class assistant to partner with. There is also a branch of competitions called ProAm or Teacher Student where you can even dance with your teacher. 

Myth #6 - You have to be confident


When we’re watching professional dancers, it’s easy to believe that they were all born with that confidence to perform.Whilst some people may be naturally more confident than others, confidence is a state of mind that can be built through practice. In fact taking a step outside of your comfort zone by signing up for a beginners dance class is a great way to improve your self-esteem. 


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